Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

What an exciting day today! I launched my airbrush tattoos last year as they are still very new to the UK. They need a huge push to make people aware of them and to make people aware of them and how fantastic they look. Not only for adults but for children from the age of 3 upwards love them as seen in the picture attached. I was so grateful to the Evening Chronicle for doing a story about my new business venture and helping me promote my new airbrush tattoos. And as I thought my phone has been non-stop all day with people wanting them to surprise their partners or parents into tricking them into getting a tattoo or people who are thinking about getting a tattoo this is a good experiment for them to see how it looks. Please have a look at the article in the Chronicle which I will post the link below and don’t be afraid to get in touch and try out my new awesome airbrush tattoos!

Airbrush tattoo on a 7 year old boy
Airbrush tattoo on a adult


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